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Add common panel at the right part of a UGENE window



    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.7
    • Fix Version/s: 1.11
    • Component/s: None
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      Add a common Options Panel for an object view. For now the panel should be available only for the Sequence View. The panel should have "Information" icon. When it is clicked the panel should become wider and contain context information about an active sequence.

      Requirements for the Options Panel:

      • A vertical scroll bar should appear on the Options Panel when information doesn't fit into the visible area.
      • When a group (i.e icon at the right part of the panel) is selected without CTRL, it should be shown at the left part of the panel, or closed if it is already opened.
      • CTRL can be used to open several groups at the same time (shown on the Options Panel one after another).
      • The information on the Options Panel should be shown for an active sequence (in case of multiple sequences in the Sequence View).

      Requirements for context sequence information (depending on a sequence alphabet):

      • Raw: No special requirements (only the sequence length is shown).
      • Standard DNA:

      1. The number of each character in the alphabet, except gaps. If the number of 'N' is zero, then it shouldn't be shown. Show, also, the approximate percentage of the characters. This option is selected by default.
      2. Dinucleotides. This option is NOT selected by default.

      • Standard RNA: the same requirements as for the Standard DNA alphabet.
      • Extended DNA: show the number of character subgroup.
      • Extended RNA: show the number of character subgroup.
      • Amino acids: show the number of character subgroup.

      Requirements for context sequence information (common for all sequences):

      • All information should be contextual, i.e. about the currently selected region (on the active sequence).
      • The length for all sequences should be displayed (for the selected region).
      • The characters and dinucleotides lists should be sorted.
      • All long numbers should be formatted.
      • Progress bar image should be shown near each list when calculations are performed.
      • The tasks should implement progress (shown on the status bar).
      • When several regions are selected, only the first (i.e. the most left) region should be taken into account. This also concerns joined annotations.


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