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Translations for selected sequence region in SDV



    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.2
    • Fix Version/s: 1.29
    • Component/s: Basic-Nucl
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      Initial issue description (obsolete)

      Add possibility to show/hide translation of a selected region only. Add a hotkey for this.

      Есть ли возможность выделять фрагмент ДНК и транслировать только его над последовательностью ДНК? Хорошо бы иметь горячую кнопку для этого, как в Vector NTI.

      Up-to-date description

      Modify the "Show/hide amino acid translations" menu so that it has items:

      • Do not translate
      • Translate annotations or selection
      • Set up frames manually
      • Show all frames
      • ---------------------------------
      • 1 direct translation frame
      • 2 direct translation frame
      • 3 direct translation frame
      • 1 complementary translation frame
      • 2 complementary translation frame
      • 3 complementary translation frame

      The last three items should be absent, if the complementary sequence is hidden!

      The items should work as described below. In general, the visibility of the amino acid sequences in the Sequence Details View (SDV) should be updated immediately modification in the "Show/hide amino acid translations" menu.

      "Do not translate" item is selected
      The item is selected by default.
      In the SDV: all amino acid sequences are hidden.
      In the menu: the "*frame" items at the end of the menu are disabled and unchecked.

      "Translate annotations or selection" item is selected
      In the SDV: translation of both strands of a selected region is shown, an empty space is shown in the other rows.
      In the menu: all "*frame" items are disabled. One of the three "*frame" items is checked - the one that corresponds to selected region in the SDV.

      "Set up frames manually" item is selected
      In the SDV: amino acid sequences that correspond to the selected frames are shown.
      In the menu: all "*frame" items are enabled (i.e. 3 or 6 frames depending on the complementary sequence visibility). A user may check any of them.

      "Show all frames" item is selected
      In the SDV: all amino acid sequences are shown.
      In the menu: the "*frame" items are disabled and checked.

      Note that each item should have it's own context, for example, consider the following scenario:

      1. Select "Set up frames manually".
        Expected state: all frames items are unchecked by default.
      2. Check the second frame.
        Expected state: the second frame is checked.
      3. Select "Do not translate".
        Expected state: the second frame is unchecked.
      4. Select "Set up frames manually" again.
        Expected state: the second frame is checked.


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